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How to Find Your Well Log

How to Find Your Well Log

Finding out the depth of your well is the first step to properly sizing a water pump. If you don't know how deep your well is, the easiest first step you can take is to try and find an online record of your well report. A well report, also known as a well log, was made by back when the well was drilled, and records well depth, types of sedimentary layers, static water level, and refresh rate of the well. 
RPS has compiled a database of well logs, click on your state below. If your state doesn't have a well log database, or you're unable to find your well log, contact the local county office as they may have a hard copy on file. An older well log may be harder to locate, as laws requiring well drillers to submit copies of logs after driller only passed in the late 1900's. As a last ditch effort you may try to contact the well driller directly to see if they still have your well log on file. The drillers name is sometimes found on the well casing or near the pump controller.   



The well log will look something like this, each states form is different...

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