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Get Quick Online Water Pump Sizing Now »

Ag Tax Exemption

If you currently hold a state Agricultural Tax exemption, and plan on using an RPS Water Pump for an applicable agricultural activity, we're happy to remove the pre-applied state tax. Please follow the below instructions...

1) Call our office and inform one of our staff that you have an Ag Tax Exemption and need an invoice made 

2) Email our office with a picture / scan / PDF of your Tax Exemption form (typically named Ag Tax Exemption card, or a Resale Certificate). If you are unable to provide us with a photocopy of the form at the time, but have the number, our office can do a reverse lookup method for verification, but will still need a copy of the form shortly.  

  • We cannot accept EIN numbers. 
    • EIN Numbers are federal; RPS requires Exemptions based on the State

3) We'll send out a custom invoice with the Ag Tax removed for you to complete!