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Residential Well Bestseller Sale Ends March 8 | Get Sizing & Pricing Now »
Residential Well Bestseller Sale Ends March 8 | Get Sizing & Pricing »

About RPS Water Pumps

RPS Water Pumps is a growing 100% American-owned company of friendly water pump specialists. Our main shop has moved out to the middle of nowhere near the train tracks in the Agricultural part of Northern California (we do get poked fun of for this!). Our team is focused on providing water pumping kits that are easy to install yourself - with all the parts and advice required to get you to that DIY (Do it Yourself) finish line. 

Before, the typical consumer would battle unclear pricing hidden behind distributor markups and high installer fees. Most people just want to get the job done themselves - that’s why we put great time, money, and thought into our kits. Each kit includes parts and components that make installing a water pump yourself a breeze. Our reading materials, manuals, videos and diagrams allow customers of all skill levels to install a water pump successfully the first time. As has become famous, we also offer a direct line to talk with real humans! ..our actual pump engineers for asking questions, helping troubleshoot, or planning for installation.

How reliable are your pumps?

Some of you may be familiar with RPS Solar Pumps, our sister company. We started development of our first solar pumps in 2012 and after much testing and refinement, we launched our first pump for purchase in 2014. Our customers have continued to ask over the years when we would release an AC pump, so they could take control of both their solar pumps and AC pumps.  

Not too many people know all this time we have been developing and testing pumps that could run not only off of solar, but AC power as well, for maximum flexibility. With all our pumps still in the field, and eight major winter upgrades from our engineering team, we are confident we have the highest quality pump that you can install yourself on the market, and the only comprehensive DIY kit to make it easy. We believe our customers’ actions speak more loudly, with the majority of sales this past year coming from happy returning customers and their referrals.

How do you compare with other pump brands?

Consumers historically have had lots of choices when it comes to AC-grid powered pumps. Pumps tend to be a significant monetary investment, but not everyone can be a water pump expert - so how do they know if what they’re buying will really last, and the company they’re buying from will stand behind the product? Our team has had over a decade's worth of experience building stainless steel submersible pumps made to last. Cheaply made plastic, brass, and mixed material pumps with sub-par motor technology just can’t compete - and don’t last past 6 months to a year with minimal use.

Cutting out multiple middlemen (master distributors, distributors and installers) in the process has made our systems lower cost for our customers without sacrificing quality.  We are able to eliminate the retail and middleman markups to invest in higher-quality materials, while still passing on savings to our customers.

Are there cheaper pumps available? Sure, but they are both cheaper in price and quality, sacrificing performance and lifetime. Like in most industries, we compete with lots of cheap products, both from the US and from Asia. Cheap brushed motors, flimsy plastic diaphragm pumps, and fake warranties are making a bad name direct to consumer pumps. We have stayed strong and maintained our high quality, knowing that integrity, quality and reliability win in the end. Our reputation for our commitment to our quality products, warranty and honest, friendly and respectful support is why more customers continue to trust RPS.

Call us toll-free at 855-560-5670

Based on 67 reviews

Pitless Adapter Well Head Assembly - For Trenched Pipe Installs

One and Done Kit for Easy Well Pump Install and One-Click Shopping

Dry Branch Water, Holladay TN

I received some very helpful advice about which pump to order from RPS from a very knowledgeable tech Ryan S. Our pump was installed and is has been working for almost a month now.

Polybraid Safety Rope
Mario Villarreal (La Feria, US)

Polybraid Safety Rope

Outstanding Customer Support/Installation Instructions

Outstanding produce.

Had Everything I needed to complete the job, I loved it.

12Ga 3+G Submersible Copper Pump Wire / Cable


When I called with guestions, Ryan returned my calls very fast and was very helpful. Thank you

Polybraid Safety Rope
Bill Ramsey (Otis, US)


1/2 HP / 110V Single Phase / 2 Wire / 3.85" Pump Motor

Stainless Steel - Well Seals
gary campbell (Asheville, US)

Rps was great. Wonderful customer service. Have gone above and beyond to help me

Pump review

Very nice product. I used a one and a half horse low flow high head pump and it exceeded my expectations in quality and production. I would highly recommend this company I saved $800-$1000 going with them instead of one of the larger namebrand companies.

Outstanding customer service

Great kit

Installed pump,hose,wire,pressure switch and starter box.job turned out great

Stainless Steel Coupler
Jack (Los Angeles, US)

All excellent

Float Switch 240V
Michael Antonacci (Mahomet, US)
Good product but no wiring instructions

The product is quality but I was told there would be wiring and installation instructions.

Second system

Two years ago I purchase a solar pumping system for my tree farm and a few weeks ago I purchased a second system ( non solar) for another property. I couldn’t be happier with the people, products and company. I would, and do, recommend them whole heartedly.
Grady Teasley

Great place

Initial support for sizing proper pump and kit was great.2 things that would be nice is 3 rolls elictrical tape instead of one-and because i dont have years of experience on 220 volt stuff if the instuctions on the pump and controller were matched colors on the diagrams.its not that hard to do but a bit confusing for a overthinker.


Great fast shipping,everything I needed to replace existing pump.the phone supports was first well pump replacement went very easy.i did most of the work myself and only got help near the end of the job.

Good and fast service


Pump review

Shipping was fast
Service was great( they called after ordering
To make sure what I was ordering was correct
For my application)
Pump is working good so far
Easy to install

RPS 2HP 07RPS20, 7GPM Deep Well Submersible Pump End + 2HP Motor + Starter Box

Replacement submersible pump motor

Arrived on time and no damage. Fit perfectly and working perfectly so far. I would purchase from rps again

Weighted Air Hose
James Simpson (Sacramento, US)

Great customer service excellent

Complete pump and motor with install kit

wow these guys are great, no problems at all everything came on time, we did have an issue with a pump and they shipped one out the next day. they make it so easy to DIY a new well pump.