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Get Quick Online Water Pump Sizing Now »
Get Quick Online Water Pump Sizing Now »

Everything But the Pipe Easy Well Pump Install Kit - Pitless Adapter Version - One and Done

NOTE: You must choose a pump separately that fits your specific project, this kit DOES NOT include a pump

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BONUS $50 Off When You Size with an RPS Pump Tech. Call 855-560-5670 M-F 8AM to 430PM PST

One and Done Rope/Wire Length: 100 foot
Plumbing Options: 4inch Well Cap / Pitless Adapter - 1" adapter plumbing

Already got the pipe? RPS has got you covered on the other items to successfully install your submersible pump! Our "Everything but the Pipe One-and-Done" is just like our regular One-and-Done, except that it doesn't include piping. If you plan on using your own PVC, steel, lay flat , or locally sourced poly pipe - this is for you!  

In a remote area without access to a hardware store? Get everything you need to install an RPS Water Pump right to your doorstep, thats why we call it the One-and-Done, one click and you're done shopping! 

Step 1) Choose between 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 foot lengths for your wire and rope.

Step 2) Then choose a Pitless Adapter Assembly size. Measure your well casing diameter to determine which size Well Seal to select (How-To Guide). You'll also be selecting the type of adapter plumbing you require if you're using poly pipe. If your poly pipe is 1", choose the 1" adapter plumbing. If your poly pipe is 1.25", choose the 1.25" adapter plumbing.  

We recommend that you use 1" pipe for any GPM rate is roughly between 5-15GPM. If you're purchasing a pump flow rate higher than 15 GPM, you'll typically need at least 1.25" pipe. Unsure which pipe to use? Call one of our technicians on staff and they can do a frictional loss calculation for your based on flow rate and length of pipe 855-560-5670

If you need a Well Seal Assembly, we have a separate listing that you can buy from here. See the pictures for differences between the two options, the easy way to tell the difference is "well seals route pipe through the top of the well" and "pitless adapters route pipe through a hole made a few feet down on the side of the well, below frost list (this is for freeze prone areas to keep your pipe from icing up)".  


"Everything But the Pipe One-and-Done Pitless Adapter Assembly" kits include...


  • Pump Wire - Outer jacketed (12-3+G AWG for 100 and 200 for kits, 10-3+G AWG for 300 foot kits).   UL Listed per UL 83 Type THW as Deep Well Submersible Pump Cable. Operating temperature range -40° C to 75° C. Annealed bare stranded copper conductors. 
  • Waterproof Splice Kit for connecting pigtail off pump to rest of pump wire 


  • Check Valve Assembly 1.25" stainless threaded coupler, 1.25" stainless check valve, 1.25"stainless hose barb(for 1.25" poly pipe kits) or 1.25"--> 1" reducing stainless hose barb (for 1" poly pipe kits), and stainless hose clamps.

PItless Adapter Assembly... 

  • Well Cap (4", 5", 6" or 8")
  • 1" stainless steel hose barb and 1" Pitless Adapter Assembly (for 1" poly pipe kits) or 1.25" stainless steel hose barb and 1.25" Pitless Adapter Assembly (for 1.25" poly pipe kits)

    Additional Parts

    • Poly-braid no-rot safety rope, marine grade, submersible rated 3/8" diameter, 2,450lb tensile strength
    • Teflon tape
    • Electrical tape


    Tools & Equipment you’ll still need on hand for the quick install:

    • Wire stripper/crimper
    • Flat and Phillips Screwdriver
    • Lighter or heatgun for heatshrinks, heating poly pipe for tighter hose clamps
    • Small socket set as it helps get hose clamps tighter
    • Simple Multimeter for testing voltages  

    ***If you are here from our sister company RPS Solar Pumps, this One and Done Kit is made to fit with AC well pumps, and is not interchangeable with the solar pump Turnkey Kit***   

    Shipping, Returns and Warranty

    Ultra Fast Shipping

    We know how crucial getting water to your property is - that's why we offer FREE SHIPPING with every order over $100, which should arrive to your doorstep within 3-5 business days anywhere in the contiguous USA.

    2-Year System Warranty:

    Rural Power Systems Inc. (RPS Water Pumps) warrants to the owner for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase (“Warranty Period”) such RPS Products will be free from material defects in material and workmanship. During the Warranty Period, RPS Water Pumps will repair or replace any defective part(s) at no cost to the owner. Learn More.

    What does our Water Assurance Guarantee mean?

    We offer a money back guarantee that our pump systems will provide you water when sized by one of our engineers to your well, desired setup and final total dynamic pumping head. We do require static water levels, drawdown and pressure requirements are accurately estimated during the sizing process, that installation follows the instructions of the RPS User Manual, and that you give RPS engineers a chance to troubleshoot any issues.


    Customer shall inspect the RPS Product within 30 days of receipt and will be deemed to have accepted the RPS Product unless you notify RPS Water Pumps of your intent to return the product. You may return the RPS Products purchased, for any reason, for a full refund up to thirty (30) days after the date of purchase. The RPS Products must be unused, in new condition, and you must pay the return shipping or return to product to RPS Water Pumps in person. For your convenience, we are happy to email printable shipping labels and deduct the cost (often a discounted rate vs. retail store rate) from your refund amount.

    After 30 days and up to sixty (60) days after purchase, a full refund is not available, but transferrable store credit is available for returned products. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns past 60 days and are unable to offer refunds, however, your product warranty is transferable in event the system is sold during the Warranty Period.

    As a condition of this return policy, you agree to give us the opportunity to troubleshoot the issue(s) with the RPS Product to work out any issues prior to return.

    Free Shipping on Orders $100+

    Need a Pump ASAP? 2nd Day Air Available

    Rather a Friendly Voice? Not Sure on Sizing?

    Our famous support team is here to help! Call us at 855-560-5670

    Our Pledges to You

    1. Be a company our Grandfathers would have trusted. The trend of ‘outsourcing’ customer support after the sale is a trend we wholeheartedly oppose. We are an American, family run company and our USA engineers support you before and after the sale.
    2. No sales pressure. Ever. Nobody in the company is paid on commission. We think this is important. Their role is to make sure they find the right pump for you and your well. If we don’t have a livestock solar pump that will suit your needs, we will help you find a solution elsewhere. Our job is to help get you water.
    3. Reliable Water. All manufactured products have occasional issues and we can’t claim to be perfect. However, we are proud of a near perfect track record in getting our customers water. This starts with selling a pump sized for your usage with our Water Assurance Plan and promptly addressing warranty issues to get you up and pumping again quickly.
    4. Give you the power! When you control your ability to pump water out of the ground, whether that is in the field or at home, it makes you more resilient and independent. We are here to help educate you about solar water pumping for livestock and our systems over the phone, with our manual - so you can install yourself. Take control of your water supply today.
    5. Fight for the American rancher. RPS is a David & Goliath story of a small American company fighting against a big European pump corporation that cares more about profits then the longevity of their pumps and the sky-high price for ranchers. Thanks to all our customers for the support of small business vs. foreign corporations trying to profit off some of the hardest working people in our great nation.

    -The RPS Team

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Jeffery McGuffin
    Easy Install

    Install was a breeze. Especially with 2 people. Very Straightforward instructions.

    Thomas Irizarry (Virginia Beach, US)
    Well kit

    I ordered the wrong kit I don’t have a solar well the cap might be to big I’ll have to contact you for possible exchange

    Chase Harding (Quincy, US)
    Quality parts

    Very nice materials and all set

    Robin Meza (Riverside, US)

    As a 65 year old woman and my 29 year old daughter were able to put this pump in by ourselves, anyone can do it. Ryan was so very kind and helpful. We need more people like in in our world.

    Jonathan Williams (Huntington, US)
    More to it

    First off installing a 1 HP pump 300 ft. Deep is definitely a two man operation. As the pump descends you are holding ever more weight. At the end the weight exceeds 100 lbs. The wire provided was high quality with a thick jacket. I used three rolls of tape, you provided one. The wire compression connectors were rediculously small? The well cap was cheap with no o ring. I don't understand why you cheap out on these inexpensive items. If just one the leads loses connection the pump needs to come out? Crazy

    Jessica Goodrich (Orlando, US)

    One and Done Kit for Easy Well Pump Install and One-Click Shopping

    Jennifer Millen (Burlingame, US)
    Excellent Professional Service!

    Thank you for your help and prompt response! Free shipping is much
    appreciated too!!

    Bernardo Albellan (San Bernardino, US)

    One and Done Kit for Easy Well Pump Install and One-Click Shopping

    Armando (Las Vegas, US)

    Had Everything I needed to complete the job, I loved it.

    Neil Cubbon (Phoenix, US)

    Great fast shipping,everything I needed to replace existing pump.the phone supports was first well pump replacement went very easy.i did most of the work myself and only got help near the end of the job.