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Get Quick Online Water Pump Sizing Now »
Get Quick Online Water Pump Sizing Now »

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Worlds First DIY Success Team Company

RPS is the world’s first DIY success company. Too many Do-It-Yourself projects (our own included!) start with excitement, but end up duct taped together and never completed.

Not here at RPS.

Thousands of happy customers of all abilities that have taken on a DIY water pump project totally new to them, and successfully installed with the help of our DIY Success Team. No one trying to make you feel dumb – just a friendly engineer to get you to the finish line and make sure you succeed!

You’ll be assigned an all-star team to help design a water pump system for you and your property – then make sure you succeed in getting water!  

Our Pump Sizing Commandments

  1. There are no dumb questions.
  2. No pressure to buy, no one here is on commission.
  3. Rough distances and well depth estimates are fine to start.
  4. The more precise the data you have, usually the smaller and more affordable the system.
  5. Start small and upgrade later – our team will try to find ways to save you money upfront, but leave it possible to upgrade later if water needs change.
  6. Our GPM and daily pumping time estimates are conservative, most get more but we’d rather undersell and overdeliver.
  7. It’ll be fun – the team here likes to talk about your dog and your new tractor. 
  8. It won’t be like sizing a solar pump – there are some differences.
  9. We might give you homework – we have lots of great videos on youtube that explain different concepts and installation, always worth a watch.
  10. Once a pump recommendation has been made, we’ll provide a price quote, and estimate delivery times if you are ready.

So what’s the next step?

Meet your Packaging and Shipping Agent

Once you and your pump specialist have sized your project and you’ve purchased your system, you’ll be assigned a personalized packaging and shipping agent. Your agent will help make sure you get exactly what you ordered on-time right to your door! They’ll troubleshoot any shipping issues and be sure you have everything you need to successfully self-install once it arrives.

On-Call Support Engineer

Call or text your Support Engineer before, during or after install! Think of your Support Engineer as your own personal expert, ready to help you through any step in the process. They’ll handle all types of questions even a year or two after you’ve had your system up and pumping. Here at RPS, we guaranteelifetime customer supportand there are no stupid questions…our support engineers will be there for you.

Give us a call and let us size your project!