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Deep Well Pump Overview & Reviews

RPS Water Pumps Reviews

RPS Water Pumps Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Great, so far !

I am east coast but could not find this motor anywhere around here at a decent price. Found these guys and ordered, product arrived in 6 business days and seemed to be a good quality built unit. We installed and unit is running as should. Now I just hope it will hold up for many years. I like the 3 wire system as from what I heard they are supposed to last much longer.

Top quality

Quality fitting with an extra long barb for added poly pipe connection and clamping surface. Highly recommend.

As a 65 year old woman and my 29 year old daughter were able to put this pump in by ourselves, anyone can do it. Ryan was so very kind and helpful. We need more people like in in our world.

Electrical Tape
Zachary Robinson

It is typical electrical tape.

Great Irrigation Pump/Great Customer Service

Using this pump as an irrigation pump. There are many irrigation pumps out there that cost an arm and a leg. This pump that I bought from RPS is electronically controlled, set desired PSI, is a fraction of the cost and is a 3 HP instead of lost of the 1HP. Called in to make sure I was getting something that was going to work for my application the rep was super helpful and knowledgeable.

Very good product

I just installed yesterday and it works great

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps - Well Ready
Ed Thomas (Las Vegas, US)

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps - Well Ready

Pleasantly surprised!

My first impression was , what is this little thing supposed to be? 1 1/4" inlet 1" outlet digital display no pressure switch but as soon as I plug it in something unexpected happened. The pump ren so quiet I could bearly hear it. It pumped 60psi in the matter of couple minutes and it keeps water pressure consistently as I shower or use gardening hose. I cannot express how happy I am to finally find a pump that works .
I highly recommend it. Don't hesitate to spend few extra bucks on quality, you won't regret it!


I am so very pleased! Best everything! Service, advise, price, quality of product! It's never been so good here on the property 😄

Excellent Pump

I'm thoroughly impressed with how well this pump works, and it functions exactly as advertised. The screen works really well too and makes it super easy to adjust and read.

Stainless Steel - Well Seals
Peter Bentz (North Richland Hills, US)

Stainless Steel - Well Seals

Stainless Steel - Well Seals
James Graham (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Man-O-War project

Looks nice, only it doesn't quite fit tight in the 6'' PVC Pipe.
Should be fine.

More to it

First off installing a 1 HP pump 300 ft. Deep is definitely a two man operation. As the pump descends you are holding ever more weight. At the end the weight exceeds 100 lbs. The wire provided was high quality with a thick jacket. I used three rolls of tape, you provided one. The wire compression connectors were rediculously small? The well cap was cheap with no o ring. I don't understand why you cheap out on these inexpensive items. If just one the leads loses connection the pump needs to come out? Crazy

12Ga 3+G Submersible Copper Pump Wire / Cable
Juventino Ramirez (Corpus Christi, US)
All stainless steel

I im very satisfied with my purchase. I will definitely buy again.

Good pump

Comfortable with the water pressure

Everything on one page

Order was easy to place, everything I needed was on one page. Arrived just as described

Pitless Adapter

I bought quit a few items from a pump, wire, rope, adapters, and check valves. All items arrived within a week and nothing was damaged. I have installed all items but have not ran power yet. All items appeared to be good quality and I look forward to using RPS product to see how it works. I do not have any dought, and will add in review when I see water.

I used your pumps to replace two Aqual Control fountain pumps. Just simple 2 wore A/C. When I installed them they did not work. The pumps came with a rubber bushing on the shafts just below the impeller. When the impeller bolt was tightened the bushing would not let the impeller spin. My old pumps had no rubber bushings. So I removed the rubber bushing and just finished reinstalling them in the pond and now they work. You should tell your customers. It was very frustrating trying to figure out why they did not work. I thought I had done something wrong. Also the pumps did not have a threaded hole in the shafts to bolt on the impeller. I had to drill a hole with a no 7 bit and tap the hole for a 1/4 20 bolt. Most people probably don't have tools to do this.

Stainless Steel Check Valve
Jeremy V (Medford, US)

That valve came quickly and and appeared to be a solid product.

1/2 HP / 110V Single Phase / 2 Wire / 3.85" Pump Motor

Excellent part and reliable shipping

These SS barbed fittings were exactly what I needed to upgrade to poly drop pipe and couldn't find locally anywhere. Had to delay the project until they shipped and was pleased they came a day earlier than expected and fit exactly as advertised. Will keep RPS in my repertoire going forward.

Stainless Steel Foot Valve
Robert Hagen (Spokane, US)

Works great as expected

Great product and great service.

560 ft deep, pumping water

System assembled alright, the supplied wire connecters were not large enough for the #8 wire needed to supply power to a 500+ deep pump. I purchased a pack from the local hardware store, the heat shrink was a tight fit but worked well. I had to purchase a voltage step down transformer/relay box to work with the remote float switch in my storage tank. The transformer is a bit noisy, but maybe that's normal. Got it installed today and is flowing water properly.